jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Generosity - Mirah

Gràcies un altre cop al meravellós programa Delicatessen que m'acompanya de tant en tant a fer:
"Un Viatge a través d'aquelles cançons que tenen aquesta cosa especial que fan que ens emocionin..."
Albert Puig, Delicatessen d'iCat.fm

Avui us porto una cançó del disc (A)spera de la cantautora americana, Mirah. Espero que la disfruteu tant com jo.

Remember we held you
Our bodies pressed against you
We required nothing more
Than what you'd provided for

The rings they tell me
How sickness befell thee
And all the wrongs we've dealt thee
In spite of your generosity

It was all of my energy
More than I wanted give
I am empty
I won't give more

Am I still invited to stay
I've worn my welcome
There was more before I came

We've eaten unrestrained but now
These green fruits will remain sour
These clouds we've made cannot make rain

I gave you all of my energy
And you took it without thanks
You once showed such promise
But now I won't give more

I won't give / We just want more

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